Voyage de S.A.R. Monseigneur le Duc de Montpensier à Tunis, en Egypte, en Turquie et en Grèce.

Author: Sinety, André Louis de
Year: 1847
Edition: First edition
Publisher: Paris; Arthus Bertrand
Category: Africa North
Price: € 5,300.-

Antoine d’Orléans, duc de Montpensier (1824 - 1890) was the youngest son of king Louis-Philippe of France. In 1845, in the company of his friend Antoine de Latour, he visited a part of the Maghreb and the Levant. They travelled aboard the vessel "Gomer" of which André Louis de Sinety, an accomplished artist, was the Deputy Commander.

After their return Latour published a book about  their voyage (not present here) and the drawings of Sinety were carefully lithographed by Bayot, Dauzats, Guiaud, Mayer and Sabatier.

Plano, contemporary shagreen over cloth boards, 562 x 392 mm. Extremities a bit rubbed, the cloth of the backboard stained and damaged at the lower outer corner.

This rare atlas contains a duo tone lithographed title page and 31 fine duo tone lithographs. There is some very light foxing throughout, but the impressive plates are still very beautiful.

Blackmer 952, Chadenat 4421, Gay 362, Prince Ibrahim Hilmy I, pg. 358.

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