Voyages dans l'Inde (Garnier Frères edition)

Author: Soltykoff, Le Prince Alexis
Year: 1858
Edition: 3rd edition
Publisher: Garnier Frères
Category: Prince Alexis Soltykoff

Large 8vo. , contemporary green shagreen over green, blindstamped cloth. Collation: 2 preliminary blanks, half title with printer's name on verso, blank with vignette on verso, title, a map, pp. 451, blank, vignette, trailing blanks. Complete with 36 magnificent lithographs in duotone, all protected by tissue guards.

No date, but most likely 1858. Often 1853 or 1854 is mentioned as the year of publication for this Garnier Fréres edition, however, the third edition of "Voyage en Perse" was published by Lecou in 1854, so that 1858 is more likely as the year of publication by Garnier Frères than 1853, however, likely more editions may have been published with the same title page {2}.

The map shows the routes followed by the author in red and blue of his two voyages to India, from 1841-1843 and during 1845-1846 respectively.

In this edition partly the stones of the 1848 Amyot edition have been used, partly the stones of the Curmer edition and partly new stones were used.

The plates have been lithographed by Cupper, De Rudder, Gerlier, Lehnert, Marchais, Robinson, Trayer and Walter and were printed by Auguste Bry, Lemercier and Plista.

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