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Barclay, Edgar Mountain life in Algeria
Borelli, Jules Ethiopie Meridionale, journal de mon voyage aux pays Amhara, Oromo et Sidama
Bruun, Daniel The Cave Dwellers of Southern Tunisia. Recollections of a Sojourn with the Khaliva of Matmata
Cailliaud, Frédéric Travels in the Oasis of Thebes, and in the Deserts Situated East and West of the Thebaid; In the Years 1815, 16, 17, and 18.
Carter, Owen B. Illustrations of Cairo … taken on the spot between the years 1830-40
Clarke, Edward Daniel The tomb of Alexander
Cotton, W.B. Sport in the Eastern Sudan from Souakin to the Blue Nile
el-Tounsy, le cheykh Mohammed ebn-Omar Voyage au Darfour
Jackson, G.A. Algiers: being a Complete Picture of the Barbary States; their Government, Laws, Religion, and Natural Productions; And containing a Sketch of their various Revolutions
Ludolf, Hiob Nouvelle Histoire d'Abissinie ou d'Ethiopie
Pananti, F. Narrative of a Residence in Algiers; comprising a geographical and historical Account of the Regency; biographical Sketches of the Dey and his Ministers; Anecdotes of the late War; Observations on the Relations of the Barbary States with the Christian Powers; and the Necessity and Importance of their complete Subjugation.
Pharaon, Florian Le Caire et la Haute Egypte
Rozet, C. Voyage dans la Régence d’Alger; ou Description du Pays occupé par l’Armée Française en Afrique; contenant des Observations sur la Géographie physique, la Géologie, la Météorologie, l’Histoire naturelle, etc.
Sébah, Pascal Haute-Egypte et Nubie
Wilson, Rev. C.T. & Felkin, R.W. Uganda and the Egyptian Soudan


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