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Arrianus, Flavius De Expedit. Alex. Magni, Historiarum Libri VIII, (bound with:) Arriani historici et philosophi Ponti Euxini & maris Erythraei Periplus, ad Adrianum Caesarem
Bellew, Captn. Views in India
Bensly, Mrs. R.L. Our journey to Sinai
Bernatz, J.M. & Dr. G.H. von Schubert Afbeeldingen van het Heilige Land bestaande uit veertig gezigten
Bernoville, Raphael La Souanétie libre. Épisode d'un voyage à la chaine centrale du Caucase.
Boxer C.R. (Editor) Commentaries of Ruy Freyre de Andrada: in which are Related his Exploits from the Year 1619, in which he left this Kingdom of Portugal as General of the Sea of Ormuz, and Coast of Persia, and Arabia, until his Death.
Castro, Dom Joao de Roteiro em que se contem a Viagem que fizeram os Portuguezes no Anno de 1541, partindo da nobre Cidade de Goa atee Soez, que he no fim, e Stremidade do Mar Roxo. Com o sitio, e pintura de todo o Syno Arabico.
Durand-Brager, H. A Voyage in the Black Sea, the Bosphorus, the Sea of Marmara & the Dardanelles by H. Durand-Brager Marine painter, officially attached to the squadron of the Vice Amiral Hamelin and commissioned to take the drawings and Plans of the Russian establishments on the Coast of the black sea, in the Expedition of the Cacique and the Sampson.
Gordon, T.E. Persia Revisited 1895: With Remarks on H.I.M. Mozuffer ed-Din Shah and the Present Situation in Persia.
Howard, J.E. Memoir of William Watts McNair, Late of ”Connaught House,” Mussooree, Of the Indian Survey Department, The First European Explorer of Kafiristan.
Langlois, Victor Voyage dans la Cilicie et dans les Montagnes du Taurus exécuté pendant les années 1852-1853
Lortet, Dr. L. Poissons et Reptiles du Lac de Tibériade et de quelques autres parties de la Syrie
Mayer, Luigi Views in Palestine from the original drawings of Luigi Mayer with an historical and descriptive account of the country and its remarkable places.
Messmer, Dr. J.A. Das heilige land und die heiligen Stätten.
Niebuhr, M. Description De L'Arabie, D'Apres Les Observations et Recherches Faites dans le Pays Meme
Orlich, Captain Leopold von Travels in India including Sinde and the Punjab
Rendall, M.J. Sinai in Spring or The Best Desert in the World
Salmon, Thomas Hedendaagsche Historie … merkelyk vermeerderd door M. van Goch, M. D. V. Deel. Behelzende de Tegenwoordige Staat van het Turksche Ryk in Asia en Afrika.
SALMON, Thomas Tegenwoordige staat van de koninkryken Pegu, Ava, Arrakan, Acham. Als mede van het eigentlyke India, of het ryk van den Groten Mogol, en van Malabar, Kormandel, en het eiland Ceilon.
Sanson, Mr. Voyage ou Relation de l'état présent du Royaume de Perse.
Soltykoff, Le Prince Alexis Voyages dans l'Inde
Soltykoff, Le Prince Alexis Lettres sur l'Inde
Soltykoff, Le Prince Alexis Habitants de l'Inde dessinés d'après Nature par le Prince Alexis Soltykoff, lithographiés à deux teintes par J. Trayer.
Tristram, H.B. The Land of Israel; A Journal of Travels in Palestine undertaken with special Reference to its physical Character.
Webster, James Travels through the Crimea, Turkey, and Egypt; Performed during the Years 1825-1828: Including Particulars of the last Illness and Death of the Emperor Alexander, and of the Russian Conspiracy in 1825.


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