All books, prints, etc. remain the property of Iskandar Books untill full payment has been received by us. Payment is due within 2 weeks after receipt of merchandise.

All prices mentioned are net prices, excluding cost of shipment.

All items will be shipped fully insured only, unless that is not possible. In the latter case, we shall advise the customer prior to shipping.

Our liability is limited to and will never exceed the value of the book including shipping charges.

Payment preferably by direct bank transfer.
In addition payment by all major credit cards is accepted through PayPal. If you do not have a PayPal account, we can send you an invoice through them and they will instruct you how to proceed. If necessary, we can assist you.
Checks are not accepted. Sorry.

We describe our books to the best of our ability. If despite that major flaws have remain unnoticed by us, the customer has the right to return such a book to us, however, only after having contacted us prior to returning such a book, so that we can instruct the customer how to act.

We do not use AB Bookmans's terminology. This might be arbitrary. Instead, we describe all flaws, occasionally disregarding the very minor ones, and leave it to the potential buyer how to rate the condition of a book.

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Terminology used in our descriptions: When we mention 4to (quarto), 8vo (octavo), etc we mean the number of pages per quire, not the actual size of the book, though that also is mentioned sometimes as additional information.